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Is there an age limit?

Yes. You must be at least 21 to participate in the Ale Trail.

Where can I pick up an Ale Trail map?

In addition to hotels throughout Washington, Idaho, and Montana, you can pick up a map at any of the participating breweries or our sponsors listed on the Ale Trail website.

How does the trail work?

    If you are reading this, you clearly already have one. But if you need more, maps can be found at participating breweries in Spokane and North Idaho, and in brochure racks at hotels and other tourist locations in Western Montana, Tri Cities and Spokane.
    Be sure to check out each brewery’s hours when planning your route. Many breweries have limited taproom hours.
    You must get a stamp from each brewery in order to finish the trail. Most breweries will probably require a minimum purchase, but hey, this is really about drinking beer anyway.
    When you receive your twelve stamps, you are eligible for the Ale Trail prize: a 32-oz. mini growler!

If a brewery doesn’t have a taproom, how can I receive a stamp from their brewery?

If you can’t find a taproom for a brewery, contact them via Facebook or their website to find out where you can get a stamp from that brewery.

Is there a time limit for finishing the ale trail map?

No. We encourage you to take your time!

What if the last brewery that I attend doesn’t have any grunts left?

If your final destination is out of grunts and you are unable to pick one up at another participating brewery, speak to a brewery employee or contact Inland NW Craft Brewers through our website. Grunts available while supplies last.

Do I have to buy a full pint at each brewery, or is a tasting flight OK?

Most breweries will probably require a minimum purchase, but hey, this is really about drinking beer anyway.

What if I am just missing one stamp because the brewery was closed?

Prizes will only be given for fully completed maps and surveys. Each brewery has varying hours and open days. Click on our map page to view participating breweries and their hours.

Does the 32 oz. mini-growler prize come filled?

No, but feel free to pay to fill your growler at one of the participating breweries.

Are the 32 oz. mini-growlers available for purchase?

No, not at this time. You have to earn it!!

Can 1 person turn in more than one completed map?

No. One map per person. One 32 oz. mini-growler per completed map.

Can I receive my 32 oz. mini-growler by mail?

No, you must collect your mini-growler in person.

Can I submit a photocopy of my completed map to get my grunt?


How do I know if a brewery is open or not for business?

Each breweries’ hours and locations are listed on the ale trail website, as well as individual brewery websites.

How can I get around the Spokane Ale Trail without driving?

One of our sponsors- Group Coordinators– offers brewery tours via shuttle to help you avoid drinking and driving. Otherwise, we recommend cabs, bikes, walking, or a designated driver. Inland NW Craft Brewers encourages and supports all forms of safe and legal transportation!